WATCH: Is This Toshiba Ad Selling Gay Panic?

By: Brandon Voss

A new Toshiba Canada commercial, which depicts an awkward moment between two college roommates, is stirring up controversy. 

Attempting to send his roomie math notes, a bespectacled geek accidentally sends a drawing that depicts his roomie as a shirtless, muscular centaur! Though silent, the roomie is visibly skeeved out by the sketch. 

Does this make the ad antigay?

In response to angry YouTube comments like "gay people don't always want to f*** the nearest straight person" and "'lol gay' is no longer an acceptable punchline," Toshiba writes:

Thank you for your feedback. Please be assured that the video is not in any way making anti-gay or homophobic statements. It does not address sexual orientation or promote sexual stereotypes but is simply meant to be light-hearted look into the funny and sometimes awkward life of a student on campus.

Do you buy Toshiba's defense or is there really cause for outrage here? How would we expect anyone, gay or straight, to react to discovering a drawing like that?

Check out the ad below and let us know what you think.

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