Video Game World of Warcraft Gets Updated Male Characters

By: Brian Andersen

Online role-playing video game Word of Warcraft has featured male humans as playable characters since it debuted in 2004, but the character has long been a source of criticism for gamers due to his odd body proportions and face shape. (Many gamers claim the original model leaned more towards the Neanderthal than Homo sapiens.)

However, the character is about to receive a hunky makeover.

The new look for the game’s male human characters embraces a more muscular physique. The updated models also sport a more shaded body, chest hair, handsome face, fully rendered eyes and clearly defined nipples.

World of Warcraft has been updating all their role-playing models over the last few years to bring the game into the present. Time will tell if these new human models will be as mocked and divisive as their former counterparts, but many gamers have already taken to social media to weigh in on the new human’s muscled makeover.

Vist the World of Warcraft website for more details.

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