Cool Wallets Protect Against Identity Theft

By: Colby Scott

You've probably heard about wireless identity theft, but here's the basic scenario: You've got a credit card, passport or employee ID with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip in it that responds to certain radio frequencies. You go to some public space—grocery store, airport, public street, gay bar—and someone nearby has a reader in a backpack, shopping bag, or man purse. His device sends out a radio wave, your card responds and gets "tagged," and that response "can contain encoded personal identifying information, including the card holder's name, address, Social Security Number, phone number, and pertinent account or employee information." (Source)

According to, the startling news is that there are no uniform symbols to tell you if you have one of these cards, so many people don’t realize they have one. Additionally, this feature can’t be turned off. And since so many of us carry cards rather than cash when we hit the town, we can really be easy targets.

Being a fashionable people, we won't just take any protection for our cards when going out in public; fortunately, some companies have created RFID-blocking wallets and passport covers that will theoretically block the radio signal and keep your info from being stolen. Check out a video that explains how RFID works, then look at three wallets to see some different styles; you'll want to research them on your own to make sure they look, feel, and work the way you like.

Ogon RFID Aluminum Wallet - $39.00
Light-weight, sleek and sexy, it includes seven expandable pockets for cards or cash, a simple click opening, and measures 4.5" x 3.7" x .67". Find it on

Stainless Steel Ultra Thin Bi-Fold Wallet - $19.99
Looks like a traditional wallet but with stainless steel that feels like silk and is super thin. It has three credit card slots, two internal pockets, an ID window, and one large pocket for bills. Find it on



RFID Blocking Wallet with Nappa Leather - $26.95
That basic black leather wallet never goes out of style, but this one can protect your cards as well. It's got an exterior pocket, bill pockets, removable window for ID and two credit cards, six card slots and measures 5" x 4". Find it on

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