Felt Bicycles: Cruising Has Never Been Better

By: Scott Ragan

Now that spring has sprung, it's the best time of year to consider getting a new bike. As gas prices continue to rise into the stratosphere, many are turning to cheaper two-wheel transportation options, and when it comes to high style, you can't beat the wow factor of the Felt Bicycles Cruiser collection.

The Irvine, CA company offers a multitude of different bicycles from track to mountain and BMX, but their exclusive line of 1, 3 and 7-speed Cruisers really caught our eye. Take a look below at some of Felt's superior Cruiser line and you'll soon be dreaming of beach-side cruising on one of the most fun and unique bikes available.

Deep Six - $749

Glassell - $469

Jetty - $429

Sunliner -$349

Bonneville - $529

To see more Felt Bicycles and to find a dealer near you that sells these amazing bikes, go to www.feltbicycles.com

All images courtesy of Felt Bicycles

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