Facebook Unveils New 'Gay Married' Icons And New Gay Married Co-Founder

By: Daniel Villarreal

This weekend, gay Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes married his boyfriend of seven years, Sean Eldridge (both pictured).

Yay! Tears! Hugs! Rice! Open bar!

At almost exactly the same time, the social networking site unveiled new timeline icons with two grooms and two brides.

Now same-sex couples can mark their special day alongside their LOL CAT pics and Mafia War updates.

And seriously, Facebook released the new icons around the same time that the best man released the doves over Hughes' wedding—they planned that crap perfectly!

Or maybe Facebook realized at the last second how it would look if their co-founder got married and had to use a hetero-marriage icon for their homo-nuptials—totes em-bare-bare.

Oh and unlike the new gay iPhone icons, the people in the Facebook icons are all black... or, uh, blue.

Let's just call them 'people of color,' alright? Then everybody wins: the blacks, the whites and the blues alike.

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