GEEK OUT POLL: Would You Use A Game App To Help You Seduce Somebody?

By: Daniel Villarreal

Everyone knows how to "game" personal sites with flattering pics, impressive stats and charming self-introductions.

But what if smartphones came with game app that scored your date based on your ability follow the phone's advice and charm your date back to your place?

If there was an app that told you when to smile, what to discuss, what to order and how much wine to give your date, would you use it?

That's just a part of the larger question raised by the viral sci-fi short Sight (below). In it, a single guy uses a "Google Glass" type technology to help him exercise, cook, dress, date and pretty much do everything else in his life.

Today's smartphones have dating advice apps to help improve your romantic verve, but would you use a real-time gaming app to help score with a date? And how would you feel if another a person used such an app on a date with you?

Watch the video, vote in our poll and then sound off in the comments. Are you ready for 21st century of "smart dating" or does the very thought make love and social networking seem scarier than ever?


  • YES - There's nothing wrong with getting a little dating advice.
  • YES - I'm usually so awkward that my dates would prefer I use a dating app.
  • YES - Seems like a fun, scientific way to learn about mating rituals.
  • YES - If you wanna catch a quality fish, it pays to have a high-tech rod.
  • YES - I will manipulate whoever I have to to be loved and get laid.
  • NO - I don't need a robot Cyrano De Bergerac to help me woo a guy.
  • NO - Dates are stressful enough without extra advice and keeping score.
  • NO - You should learn how to date by actually dating, not through an app.
  • NO - But I wouldn't mind if a guy used an app to try and win me over.
  • NO - Ewww. Dating game apps are for net-stalkers and cyber-creeps.

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