How to Make Anyone Look Butt Naked

By: Brandon Voss

Wish you had some edgy streaking, flashing, or skinny dipping pics, but your social life is actually a total snooze? Enter Nüdifier, a new iPhone and iPad app guaranteed to give you and your friends a bad reputation.

Similar to those hilarious "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship" videos on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Nüdifier lets you realistically censor naughty bits with flesh-colored pixelation — even when someone's fully clothed. Because a strategically placed blur can make any guy look like a confident, super-hung party animal.

Just imagine the endless pseudo-nudie possibilities! Before long you'll be posting convincingly censored photos of your favorite celebs, your pets, and even your late grandparents, you sick perv.

Download it now while it's still free.

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