Mike Ruiz's New iPad App Is 'Pretty Masculine'

By: Brandon Voss

Just as he translated his hot images to a stunning T-shirt line earlier this year, out celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz’s latest project is an app that reinvents his incredible photo book Pretty Masculine for the iPad.

Aside from incorporating videos that deconstruct Ruiz's creative process — behind-the-scenes footage, time-lapse body art, artist/model profiles, etc. — the interactive digital book allows users to create their own unconventional photos following the book's theme of masculine and feminine juxtaposition. That's right, kiddies: Personal Pretty Masculine makeovers!

In keeping with Ruiz's tireless commitment to philanthropy, folks can also donate to Ali Forney Center, Bullies and Buddies Animal Rescue, GMHC, and Green Chimneys — just a few of Mike’s favorite charitable organizations — directly through the app.

Download the Pretty Masculine app on iTunes and watch the new app teaser video below.

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