'Showgirls' Is a Now a Musical, Darlin'

By: Brandon Voss

Medium Face Productions is clearly obsessed with Elizabeth Berkley. Then again, who isn't?

After bringing you Bayside! The Saved by the Bell Musical!, the gang is now producing Showgirls! The Musical, an unauthorized musical parody of the endlessly quotable so-bad-it's-good 1995 flick about Nomi Malone, a beautiful drifter who goes from stripper to showgirl in Las Vegas.

See, Book of Mormon? There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.

According to press info, the musical is out to answer all the important questions: "What will Nomi sacrifice on her rise to fame? Who will she sleep with along the way? Will she ever like brown rice and vegetables?"

More importantly, are you dying to see this parody — or is it a new brand of blasphemy to screw with a cult classic that's already a parody of itself?

Showgirls! opens Apr. 17 for a limited engagement at NYC's Kraine Theater. Watch the teaser below, and visit the show's website for more info.