Who Is the Queen of White Lies?

By: Brandon Voss

And what's The Orion Experience?

You may just have to experience it for yourself, but the interactive New York City spectacle is being billed as "an intergalactic space journey meets theatrical live electro-pop concert" featuring dancing, drinking, aerialists, and live music by a disco-pop band that's also called The Orion Experience.

There are also a bunch of kooky retro characters involved, but NYC drag diva Sir Honey Davenport is already giving us life as the Queen of White Lies. No lies, she's serving sickening ’60s space age realness.

The show, which runs through Sept. 1, opens tonight at XL Nightclub, transforming the spacious gay venue into a starship. Check out the show on Facebook before blasting off.

Photos: Alexander Kusak