RuPaul and Jinkx Monsoon, Reunited and It Looks So Good

By: Brandon Voss

All the cool kids are catching the quirky Jinkx Monsoon Off-Broadway in The Vaudevillians, a musical comedy costarring composer-musician Major Scales. The duo plays a pair of old-timey 1920s vaudeville stars thawed out after being buried in an Antarctic avalanche.

Not long after Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita saw the show and stayed for a kiki, RuPaul also dropped in to check on one of her most successful gurls — and we've got the photos to prove it.

“Last night, I finally got to thank @RuPaul face to face for the wonderful gift I’ve been given and for this amazing year. Ima happy duck,” the Drag Race season 5 winner tweeted, but Mama was just as thrilled.

"Saw @JinkxMonsoon + Richard Andriessen 'Vaudevillians' last night and I'm still laughing!," Ru tweeted. "'Vaudevillians' Triumph! Couldn't be more proud of @JinkxMonsoon + Richard Andriessen."

Jinkx later shared more thoughts about the reunion on Facebook:

Last night, RuPaul came to see The Vaudevillians in NYC, and I must confess:

I’ve been working on this show long before I ever even auditioned for Drag Race. It’s been a long standing dream to perform the piece for the likes of Ru, to get to show her what I do with drag and my passion for my art form.

Well, that dream came true and after some heartfelt repartee and a few misty eyed moments I was able to thank my idol/mentor face to face for the wonderful gift I’ve been given this year.

It’s these moments in life that seem too surreal to be true, that we must hold on to and remember the next time we’re down. Life ebbs and flows, but you must appreciate all of the tiny miracles you are given.

Thank you Ru.

See another photo below with out pop singer Ari Gold, who was also in attendance.