Aquaplay & 'G Magazine' in Brazil — Sexiest Commercial EVER!

By: Joe Thompson

Full disclaimer: We don't speak Portuguese. That said, here's what we've kind of figured out using our eyes and Google's translation program.

A company named The Week Brazil produces enormous dance parties called Aquaplay. They get major international DJs, like Paul Heron and Chris Cox, and we think they're held at water parks—but we may be totally off on that one. Either way, from the videos we've seen these events look insane!

We first heard about Aquaplay from funnyman Bill Sindelar over at OMGay.TV, which is a fun, sexy, daily updated video site. (If you haven't been checking it out every day, you really should.) They posted this sultry, sexy, soaking wet video called "The Week | Ensaio Acquaplay | Making of." Using Google we got this info from the YouTube page:

In partnership with the magazine G, ELIAN GALLARDO MODELS and photographer Didio, The Week produces the special test Acquaplay 2012. On newsstands in April.

We know that G Magazine is a Brazilian gay men's mag that features frontal nudity (including erections). It was created by Ana Fadigas, the online version is G Online, and they've been around since 1997. Perhaps The Week and Aquaplay is being spotlighted in G Magazine and this is the behind-the-scenes video from the magazine shoot. We're not sure. What we do know is that it's one of the hottest videos we've checked out in ages, and it's making us want to hit Brazil right now.

BTW, we could be totally wrong on all this stuff, so if you know more than us, post in the comments below.

MODELOS: Diego Veiga, Peter Petry, Lukas Rodrigues e Marlon Santana.
FOTOS: Didio
VÍDEO: Marco Viana