At The Wheel: Civic Coupe Tuner


Name: Edgar

Member Name: CivicCoupeTuner

Age: 26

Profession: IT Support

City: Honolulu, HI

Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Gay

What is the best thing that you like about your ride?

The looks I get when I'm rolling with the top down.

Do you like tinkering under the hood, or do you leave repairs and routine maintenance to your mechanic?

Yes I love working on my own car. I do my own oil changes. I changed out my suspension parts for market japanese counter parts. If its something big I can't do at home, I'll have my shop friends do it for me.

What special touches have you added to your car that reflect your personality and individuality?

I've added 17" work emotion CR kais in White. Added a Cusco 6 point roll cage, top secret rear under body diffuser, cwest side skirts, and a ASM duckbill spoiler. a buddy club exhaust, and a snorkel intake.

Edgar_Madrid_car1 What is the most you’ve ever paid for a car? What is the most you would ever pay for a car?

The most I paid for my car is 17,5, but the most I would pay for a car is no more than 20K. This is for a used car. I would never buy a new car unless it was sub 12k.

Do you have a great memory of a date that relates to you car? Describe that night (or day).

Um, no great memories or dates.. I haven't found that special person yet to have that memory with.

Do you find yourself more attracted to people with similar car tastes to your own? Or doesn’t it matter?

I would prefer they aren't into cars as much as I am, because then I would have to work on his car too! But you know if Mr. Right comes along and he is into cars as much as I am, then that would be even better!

Edgar_Madrid_car4 What’s the best road trip you’ve ever taken in your car?

Since I'm stuck on an island, I can't really have a road trip. I did take a around the island trip with one of my buddies Tyler and he drove my car the whole time. It was actually a great feeling to just sit back, and relax and take the soundings in, vs trying to drive my car. Driving my car takes alot out of you.

If you had an unlimited budget and could change anything you wanted on your car, what modifications or accessories would you add?

I would add a Mugen Hard Top, do my individual throttle bodies, J's 70MM Titanium exhaust, new wheels, new suspension, J's or ASM Front Bumper, Voltex GT Wing, I could go on forever...

Edgar_Madrid_car3bk Do you think your car has a personality or soul? What kind of sound or behavior does it have that makes it unmistakably your car?

I never thought about it that way if my car has soul or personality, but close friends of mines said they know when I'm coming down the street because of how my exhaust sounds like.

Have you upgraded the car stereo? What is your "dream" sound system?

Yes I have upgraded it, I have a 3.0" indash dvd player with some alpine type S door speakers. Dream system would be a navigation system cut into my dashboard, better door speakers and a sub. Nothing to crazy expensive. I still have to drive the car daily you know.

What aspect of your ride most attracted you when you decided to own and drive it?

Its the car you have to get after owning 2 Honda Civics and 2 Acura Integrals. Plus rolling top down is a great feeling, and the car it self is very sleek and sexxy looking.

Edgar_Madrid_car2 Have you ever pushed your car to its performance limit? What was the fastest speed?

Of course, I've redlined (took the rpms all the RED zone) many of times throughout 3 gears. Fastest I went was 120mph...

Are you a member of any car clubs or other auto related organizations?

No car clubs or organization, but I do hang out and support this one car shop alot.

What was the first car you ever had? Do you ever get nostalgic for it?

I had a 1996 Acura Integra 4dr LS. I have pictures of it still upload to my online drives and ya I smile when i look at that picture.

If you could trade your ride in for any other car, what would it be, regardless of the price?

Trade my ride in., impossible! It would have to be probably a BMW ///M5..