At The Wheel: Cameron and 'Bessie'


My name: Cameron
My age: 45
My profession: CDH Digital Design
City/town: Manhattan Beach
Relationship status: Single
Sexuality: Gay

Do you have a great memory of a date that relates to you car?

had gone to San Diego for the weekend, to the gay rodeo. One night we
decided to go to a casino that was supposed to be only 8 miles away,
but ended up being something like 40. By the time we got out to the
casino, (in the dessert on a reservation) we were kind of disappointed
in the place, so we just grabbed something to eat and headed back. We
took another route back through the mountains, there was a full moon
that night. The top was down, it was warm and I had some great tunes on
the stereo. The sides of the mountains were bathed in moonlight, there
were no other cars at all and it was a beautiful star filled night.
That night was the first night that guy and I slept together. It was
just a really memorable experience.

Do you think your car has a personality or soul? What kind of sound or behavior does it have that makes it unmistakably your car?

Yes it is a bit mischievous, sometimes the parking brake decides it wants to disengage after I have parked (usually on an incline). Also the drivers window will lower by itself a minute or so after I have locked it and walked away,  that one really pisses me off.

Campalm-sm What is the best thing that you like about your ride?

I dont have to slow down to make 90 degree turns. The car handles really well.

Do you like to take road trips in your car?  Describe your favorite road trip -- where did you go? What did you do?

Yes. My favorite road trip was up the coast along the Pacific Coast Highway. It was a beautiful drive with lots of twists and turns. Had the top down with the ocean air blowing by on a warm day. My destination was the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Do you like tinkering under the hood, or do you leave repairs and routine maintenance to your mechanic?

I love working on cars, I do everything from my own brakes to rebuilding engines, but this one is kind of hard to work on since everything is done from underneath. What I wouldn’t give for a car lift in my garage.

What is the most you’ve ever paid for a car?  What is the most you would ever pay?

Too much and don't think I would ever spend more than 125k for a car (that's if I could).

If you had an unlimited budget and could change anything you wanted on your car, what modifications or accessories would you add?

I would replace the engine the 3.2 litre the new ones have.

Porsche-cam2 Do you have a nickname for your car?

Bessie  (I don’t know why but I have called all my cars that, kind of sounds like a cows name, must be the Texan in me, that's where I grew up)

Have you upgraded the car stereo? What is your "dream" sound system?

No, My dream sound system would be the Jonas Brothers singing and dancing on my dashboard.... naked...well maybe not singing....wait what was the question?

What aspect of your ride most attracted you when you decided to own and drive it?

It is like driving a fast go cart, the handling like I mentioned before is awesome!

Have you ever pushed your car to its performance limit? What was the fastest speed?

No, the fastest I have gotten it up to is 125mph on the way to work one morning (I go against traffic)

What was the first car you ever had? Do you ever get nostalgic for it?

Oh hell yes I miss that car, it was a 1966 Ford Mustang. There was another guy with a 68 fastback, we were the two mustang guys, I had a secret crush on him.

If you could trade your ride in for any other car, what would it be, regardless of the price?

Ferrari F430 Spider!!!!!