Celebrity City Guides Gallery

By: Gay.com


Have you ever wondered what gay celebrities do when they hit the town?  Do you think they go to clubs we don't know about?  Are they able to get into restaurants the rest of us can only dream about?  We reached out to a number of celebs around the world to find out what hot spots they hit when looking for a good time. 

So if you're looking for a place with the potential of spotting celebrities then check out all the Celebrity City Guides below.  You never know who you might run into! 


Lady GaGa


Peter Paige

Jackie Beat

Margaret Cho

Kevin Allison

Colton Ford New York City

Jason Antone Chicago

Bridget McManus Zurich

Kristine W Las Vegas

Duane Cramer Bay Area

Del Marquis NYC

Justin Utley New York City

Canaan Rubin Stockholm

Yehonathan Tel Aviv

Amanda Palmer Boston

Carol Leifer Los Angeles

Phanie D San Antonio

Sandra Bernhard NYC

Perez Hilton Los Angeles

Brian Kent NYC

Lucas Silveira Toronto

Matt Alber L.A.

DJ Mark Picchiotti Chicago

Levi Kreis L.A.

John Amaechi London

JD Los Angeles

Casper Andreas New York

Todd Stephens New York City

Mercedez Munro San Francisco

Errol Smith-Boddy Atlanta

Terence Koh New York City

Michael Buckley Connecticut

Jim Verraros LA

Denis O'Hare New York

Our Lady J New York City

Jodie Harsh London

Sacha Sacket Los Angeles

Bob Mould DC

Ted Allen New York

Dave Koz Los Angeles

Jai Rodriguez LA

Dan Renzi Fort Lauderdale