Reader Guide: Tim on Broseley, Missouri


My Name: Tim Member Name: match_point84
My age: 25
My profession: Server/Full-time student
City/town: Broseley, Missouri
Relationship status: Single
Sexuality: Gay

Where is the best public place for a gay person to make out there?

My town is backwoods. You can make out virtually anywhere and no one would see you: the woods, the river, in the middle of a field. It's your choice.

What's the nearest city to "let loose" in, and on what occasion do you go there?

Poplar Bluff, MO. The population is only like 16,000, but surprisingly, there are two gay bars there. You have to go there in order to exist to the outside world. If you need Walmart, that's the place to go.

How "out" are you where you live?

I am totally out to friends and fam.

Other than bars or clubs, where to people cruise in your town? Or don't they?

We have one highway in this town. Everything else is gravel roads. Not much 'cruising' goes on. :)

Are there enough guys to date in your town? Where do you meet men?

God no, you have to drive thirty minutes to Poplar Bluff.

If you had the money to open up a gay business or establishment in your town, what would it be, and why?

I wouldn't open one up because it wouldn't succeed.

When you think of meeting and falling in love with "the one," do you envision the two of you settling down where you currently live? Or does that fantasy involve another town?

I do envision myself settling down somewhere close to home, but most of the people near my hometown are extremely close-minded. I, however, would love to have the opportunity to visit my family on a regular basis, if I chose to do so.

Tim1 What do you consider the "most romantic" part of where you live? Why?

I am a pure country boy at heart. I have lived in Springfield, MO for almost three years, and it kills me how prissy the gay guys are here. I don't mind roughing it, getting dirty, camping, hiking in the middle of the woods at night by making my own trails. When I was younger, I used to walk around outside and just gaze at the stars. There is a perfect view of the sky. I would love to be able to take someone out there, lie on a blanket, and try to figure out the constellations above us.

If you could be Mayor of your town for one day, what would be the very first thing you'd want to accomplish or do?

I really don't think we have a town mayor.

If you could move, would you? If so, where would you want to move, and why?

I moved due to the fact that there are no job opportunities back home, gay people are basically non-existent, and I don't like how close-minded people can be.

Do gay men and lesbians hang out together in your town or is that just unheard of?

Poplar Bluff is where all the gay people hang out. There is a main circle of gay friends that frequent the main gay bar, Sammys. Fortunately, I was a part of the "cool crowd." I miss those guys!

Has your town ever had a "gay scandal?" If so, describe it!

Nah, I don't believe so.

Tim4 Do you have a hometown crush? If so, describe.

Oh, I had many farm-boy crushes when I was in high school. *sigh* If they only knew. lol.

What are some of the things you love most about your town?

I love how distant it is from everything. It is so peaceful, serene. I have many childhood memories that involve running through cornfields, fishing in the creek, taking walks down country roads at two o'clock in the morning. No one ever bothers you.

What are some great restaurants for a romantic gay date?

The only restaurant that Broseley has is one that specializes in fried catfish. Poplar Bluff basically has Ryans, Applebees, and Coltons. So, yeah, there really aren't many "great" restaurants for a romantic gay date. However, there is a casual restaurant called the "San Francisco Bread Company. They have the best food in town. They have wraps, sandwiches, salads, and soups. I am a really simple guy, though, so if someone took me there I'd be extremely happy.

What was the last vacation you took? Where did you go? Where do you most want to go?

I really don't have time to go on vacation. However, I am planning on going to Phoenix next summer to visit a friend, as well as to take a Caribbean cruise after graduation. I'll keep you posted! :)

What are your favorite gay bars and/or dance clubs?

Well, as aforementioned, Broseley is tiny. Its population is like 500. Poplar Bluff has two gay clubs, The Copa, and Sammys. Sammys is definitely the one to go to. The only night to go on is Saturday. There are several big name drag queens who perform there, including several past Miss Missouri, as well as one who will be competing in the pageant this year. The bar has also won several awards, as well. Of course you can find something "better" in a larger town, but it's not so bad. I always stop in everytime I go back home.

Tim2 What is the gay community like there? Do you consider yourself to be part of any particular "scene?"

I think I already answered this question, right? There is a major group of gay folk who all party together. I am fortunate enough to know them.

If you had gay friends visiting from out of town for the first time, what are some "must-dos" you'd recommend?

I would definitely take them to Sammy's. I would also love to show them my parents home, as well as how I spent my time as a child.

Where do the hot boys in your town tend to hang out?

Well, the hot boys typically tend to be straight, so usually at the straight bars.

What bar has the cutest/hottest bartenders?

Well, both gay bars women as bartenders, so I'd have to say Scooters 2. That's just because it's a "straight" club and there are some cute redneck bartenders there.

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