Summer Vacation: Scott and Bobby's Dublin


[Last week, we invited PlanetOut readers to share their summer vacation stories/pics with the world.  If you'd like to participate there's still time -- just click here to get full details.  In the meantime, check out Scott and Bobby's trip to Ireland below.  Enjoy -- and don't forget to submit your trip!]

My name is Scott and I live in the small town of Paintsville, Kentucky.

Why did you chose this particular destination for your summer getaway?
There is so much history and culture to be found in Ireland. The city of Dublin is a mixture of other cultures and peoples. Dublin offers great food and people who are well versed on their lands history. Areas near the coast offer scenic tours of real castles and fishing villages.

Outside Dublin castle Who you went with and why?
My partner, Bobby (on left). He has always wanted to see Ireland.

What was your favorite day or night of the vacation and what made it so memorable?
On our last day we took a tour of a coastal fishing village where we saw the slower version of life in Ireland. We saw Ireland the way they it's shown in most popular media venues. Lighthouses, great coastal cliffs and the green fields Ireland are known for. Bobby and I also got to tour Malahide Castle and see the site of the Battle Of The Boyne (the 1690 battle between the Irish, Scottish and English Thrones) in Northern Ireland.

River thru middle of Dublin Did this particular spot have a gay scene, and if so, what was it like?
We had a pint of Guinness in the famous gay bar known as The George. (Opened in 1985—eight years before homosexuality was legalized in Ireland—it is one of the nation's oldest gay bars.) One side houses the bar, with the more laid back atmosphere. The other side offers a more modern dance floor and bar. The crowd was mixed, younger and older gemtlemen (with few ladies), and a very easy atmosphere of friends having a pint and having fun.

We had fun, and plan on going back very soon.

  Scott at Cottage in Park Bobby at Cottage In Park