At The Wheel With Will


My name: Will
My Member Name: BiSDcountryboy
My age: 19
My profession: Student
City/town: Rapid City, SD
Relationship status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual

What is the best thing that you like about your ride?
It is my first vehicle, and I am making it mine!

Do you like to take road trips in your car? Describe your favorite road trip -- where did you go? What did you do?
I love to take road trips. My favorite road trip... has to be when my brother and I went to northern Minnesota to pick up an engine for his truck. It was raining and we came to a crowded intersection and I was sick of being behind this idiot with a fifth wheel camper, so I gunned it to get into the small opening in the left lane. My rear tires broke loose; I was taking up both lanes going sideways. Then about a foot from the camper my tires caught and I was headed straight in the left lane like nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Do you like tinkering under the hood, or do you leave repairs and routine maintenance to your mechanic?
Working on anything with an engine is my passion.

What is the most you've ever paid for a car? What is the most you would ever pay for a car?
Before or after I put my desired mods on?

Do you find yourself more attracted to people with similar car tastes to your own? Or doesn't it matter?
Definitely! I think that the big part of attraction that an ltr is based off is if you can carry on meaningful conversations and care what the other person is talking about. Someone starts talking sports to me, that isn't some form of motorsport and I fall asleep.

Will_2 What special touches have you added to your car that reflects your personality and individuality?
I am building a lifted 4 wheel drive running gear and chassis to put the body of my truck on. I am going through every last nut and bolt to make sure it is exactly how I want.

If you had an unlimited budget and could change anything you wanted on your car, what modifications or accessories would you add?
I'm already working on it. I completely went through my engine, frame, and suspension so far.

Do you think your car has a personality or soul? What kind of sound or behavior does it have that makes it unmistakably your car?
Yes, she does. She can be a handful at times. I always got to talk nice to her, or she'll retaliate. I am the only person that can get her to start the first try every time. Lastly, she loves to go fast. Some days I don't even have to touch the throttle and I'll be going 80 mph +.

Do you have a nickname for your car?
I call her 'The Rotten Pumpkin' because she is bright orange and she always seems to be PMSing.

Will_3 Have you upgraded the car stereo? What is your "dream" sound system?
Stereo? Who needs a stereo when the exhaust is 19 in. from your ear? Nothing sounds better than a big block humming along.

What aspect of your ride most attracted you when you decided to own and drive it?
It's an old Dodge truck. Vehicles use to be fun to drive, work on, had power, and were just plain ass sexy.

Have you ever pushed your car to its performance limit? What was the fastest speed?
Actually I haven't. I know she has more in her. I've had her going 135 mph + but had to slow down because the front end started to float.

Are you a member of any car clubs or other auto related organizations?
No not really.

If you could trade your ride in for any other car, what would it be, regardless of the price?
There is nothing on this earth I would trade my baby for.

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