Paul and his sleek 2007 Mercedes CLS550


My name: Paul
My Ride: 2007 Mercedes CLS550
My age: 44
My profession: Banker
City/town: Phoenix
Relationship status: Partnered
Sexuality: Gay

What is the best thing that you like about your ride?
Its sleek look and power.

Do you like to take road trips in your car?

Describe your favorite road trip -- where did you go?
Only had one long road trip so far, picked up the car in Oakland, CA and drove home to Phoenix, AZ. This was after I won the car on eBay. Had seen this car model on the streets and talked to one person who owned one, but had never test driven one and had not seen this one in person when I clicked the bid button. Funny thing also, I was too excited placing a bid at the last second that I forgot the decimal point and confirmed the bid before looking at the dollar amount. So, instead of bidding thousands, I bid millions! The car was mine no matter what, as nobody would have outbid me!! Luckily, I was the only bid.

What did you do?
Took the scenic route home down the Pacific Coast Highway from Monterey in Northern California to Ventura in Southern California (planned to go further, but ran out of time). My partner Tim and I flew out to Oakland Friday morning, picked up the car and drove down to Big Sur area, stopping several times to take in the views and take pictures. We spent the night Friday in Cambria at a cool little hotel across the street from the beach. Saturday we drove down to Ventura, again making several stops along the way to take pictures. Finally landed up in Riverside, CA that night to visit relatives, then drove home to Phoenix on Sunday.


Do you like tinkering under the hood, or do you leave repairs and routine maintenance to your mechanic?
Are you kidding? Mechanic. I can put gas, change a tire and maybe tap on the engine/battery when the hood is up if something isn't sounding right! Isn't that what we're supposed to do?!

What special touches have you added to your car that reflect your personality and individuality?
None yet. I want to black out the windows for more privacy, the tint it has now is too light. I don't want the boys that are staring at my car to notice that I'm staring at them!!

What is the most you've ever paid for a car? What is the most you would ever pay for a car?
$45,000 / $50,000 unless I win the lottery.

Do you have a great memory of a date that relates to your car?
Only have had it since April 2009, so I would have to say the drive home that weekend my partner and I spent driving home from Northern California. He's usually the driver on our long trips, but he was enjoying the ride and the scenery that he decided to sit back and relax, while I enjoyed driving the new car!


Do you find yourself more attracted to people with similar car tastes to your own? Or doesn't it matter?
Doesn't matter

If you had an unlimited budget and could change anything you wanted on your car, what modifications or accessories would you add?
This car came pretty loaded, so there isn't a lot left to add.

Do you think your car has a personality or soul? What kind of sound or behavior does it have that makes it unmistakably your car?
It's "zippy"! It's got some giddy-up-and-go with its 382 horses.

Do you have a nickname for your car?
Not yet. Was thinking Heather (as in Locklear). She's beautiful, but can have attitude!

Have you upgraded the car stereo? What is your "dream" sound system?
No need to upgrade. It has Harman/Kardon 12-speaker premium surround sound system. It rocks!

What aspect of your ride most attracted you when you decided to own and drive it?
The unique look. It's a head-turner.

Have you ever pushed your car to its performance limit? What was the fastest speed?
No, not yet. Wanted to get the feel for it first, so didn't open it all up on the ride home. Now? There are too many speed cameras in Arizona. I'm dying to do it though!


Are you a member of any car clubs or other auto related organizations?

What was the first car you ever had? Do you ever get nostalgic for it?
My first car was a brand new 1985 Nissan Pulsar. No, not nostalgic because I actually liked my new 1987 Pulsar better. Got that after wrecking the '85. The '87 model had a removable hatch back and T-tops. I almost made it a convertible, although you would have to store the hard hatch lid at home, so couldn't be caught in the rain.

If you could trade your ride in for any other car, what would it be, regardless of the price?
I'm pretty happy with this car. If anything, it would be a nice Bentley.

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