Down and Out at the Dinah: Lez LOL’s Overheard at Celesbian Central

By: Brodie

If day one of the Dinah, lez paradise de Palm Springs, was all gleeful gaiety and goodness, day 2 was when the ladies let loose and embraced the wild side of the Shore weekend.

Before I get into the topless tornado that was the all-day drink-a-thon commonly known as “Saturday,” let me give you a glimpse of Friday night’s White Party and that “Tik Tok” chick I promised you:

(P.S.: If I had a dollar for every time I heard a lezzie exclaim “Dude, we are going to rage SO hard tonight” while walking over to the convention center in her best whites, I’d have enough to pay for every one of those stupid drink tickets I bought.)

There’s no rest for the wicked women of the Dinah, and after burning the midnight oil with Ke$ha and Sarah Shahi (mi amore, Carmen!!), these champs were back at the pool, drinking and dancing by 9 a.m. Well done, women!

The second serving of Dinah debauchery nearly doubled in size.

Women who love women were literally piled on top of each other everywhere you look … not that they were complaining. A rather striking brunet “futch” started a lovely trend of all but toplessness. For the remainder of the days, most ladies eschewed bikini tops in favor of a lil’ strategically placed duct tape or two ironic “Tits” stickers.


As the booze flowed and the speakers blared, I noticed a few more fellows this day, some happily grinding on a gal or two. No worries, though: They were gay boys, for sure.

Oh, and the snippets of drama overheard while on line for drinks were frickin’ priceless:

“Who does she think she’s dealing with?! She knows you’re mine!”

“Sh*t, sh*t! There’s my ex… no, the really crazy one.”

“I left three dogs and my humility back in Texas, sweetie.”

“That chick brings nothing but drama. Why do I do it?”

Saturday night fun was found at the Hollywood Party, where Salt-N-Pepa pushed it REAL good for the large lez crowd.

Sunday, my final day of infiltrating the lezfest, I aimed to go a tad lighter on the booze and hopefully heavier on the sleep than the prior two days. Of course, I failed on both goals, opting instead to party like I was 19 again. But I couldn’t even keep up with these mojito-soaked babes...

Images: SheWired by Andrea Krauss. Video: GraceTheSpot

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