Simon Doonan's New York

By: Joe Thompson

I love Simon Doonan. My love affair with the Director for Barneys New York started when he was on America's Next Top Model. You remember way back then, right? When the show was good? Back then Doonan would come on with a sharp tongue but incredibly precise critiques, giving funny but useful advice. It always reminded me of the expression, "It's not mean if it's true."

I read his book, Beautiful People, and it was a real treat. I also love the show that was based on the book. (I've collected a couple great clips if you want to watch...)

And now, he's taking us on a tour of New York.

OutTraveler has done a cool interview with Doonan where he shows us his favorite spots in Greenwich Village. From a macrobiotic restaurant to plugging his husband's shop (which sounds dirtier than I intended), it's a fun couple of minutes checking out his picks and taking a
trip in your head.

Besides, that pic is just damn cute. It cracks me up every time I look at him and his expression.

And if you want to spend more fun time on the interwebs rather than working (and who doesn't on a Friday?) here are some clips of the show. (Um, yeah, the show isn't a musical but that does seem to be all the material I'm finding right now, isn't it?)