The Scene: DirtyBurty and Closet Sundays

By: Joe Thompson

I'm a little hung over today— I'm not gonna lie.

So rather than spend too much time talking about events, let's get to some hot pics.

Gimme, gimme MORE! Juanita More spun at MJ's in Silver Lake last Friday, while Dirtyburty Burton invaded with his dirty dancers.




Check out more MJ's pics from the night here.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas last night the boys and girls came out for Closet Sunday, held at The Mirage's Revolution Lounge.

Revolution 04-04-2010 (20)

Revolution 04-04-2010 (4)
I totally want to know what this cutie is looking at. Sadly, it's not me. But perhaps it was boys posing. For example...

Revolution 04-04-2010 (21)

Revolution 04-04-2010 (102)
For more photos from Closet Sunday, click here.

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