We're Flying Pam Ann this weekend

By: Joe Thompson

Attention all passengers, the fabulous Pam Ann is arriving in New York from April 1-4 at the famous Caroline's in New York.

Pam Ann, performed by straight comedienne Caroline Reid, delivers camp comedy with the kind of sharp, acerbic wit you only find in great drag queens. She's sexy, silly, sultry and smart— just the way we love our women.

OUT magazine did a great interview with her last year, and in honor of her upcoming NYC show they got a funny 2 minute video interview with her. (I'd post it here but they don't let you. Selfish, I say. SELFISH!)

Anyway, in that clip she discusses some of her dream customers, and explains how gays and others will benefit from attending her show. From just this small clip I can tell it's going to be one hell of a fun trip.

Watch it now or jump to the next page and watch some other fun clips we've found.

From her DVD Come Fly With Me:

Pam as an employee of Qantas Airlines.

A great one spoofing American Airlines.