Long Beach Gay Pride Wrap Up:The Pink Party

By: Rick Andreoli

People love a good street party, so it's no surprise that the 3rd Annual Pink Party at Long Beach Gay Pride was a huge hit. It was the official start to the weekend (though my party started earlier that day on JetBlue's Pride Flight), held Friday night on Pine Avenue between Broadway and Third Street.

Morgan McMichaels from RuPaul's Drag Race was there performing.... well, obviously, as Pink.

It was packed, the performances were amazing, and we've got some video for you after the jump.

Pinkparty2 The host for the night was the glamorous Jewels of Long Beach, who we love very much. But more than being entertained by her wit and great spirit, there was also a flash mob dancing to a medley of four Lady Gaga songs: "Bad Romance," "Lovegame," "Poker Face," and "Just Dance." There was also a Gaga drag queen, natch.

And as a gay man, I have to say, I absolutely love it when people bust out into spontaneous choreography. It's like an episode of Glee only better because you're in it.

The dance was choreographed by Rob Schultz. Here it is. The video is a bit wonky in places, but you get the idea.

Photos by Eric Rosen

And here's a video with Morgan that includes some more of the fun.

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