Pride Guide

Gay Pride Sri Lanka Photos - 2010

By: Rick Andreoli

Gay Pride manifests itself in many different ways—from parades and festivals to bar events and, in the case of Colombo, Sri Lanka, a fashion show.

Sex between men is technically illegal in Sri Lanka. The penal code is left over from British colonial rulers and is punishable by 12 years in jail, although the law is rarely enforced. Lesbianism, meanwhile, has been officially labeled 'sadism.' According to the Getty Images write up, the island's gays believe their long fight for equality is picking up pace amid regional moves to legalize homosexuality, but changing the minds of locals is another battle altogether.

The following photos were taken June 20, 2010 and show gays who are taking a stand and being seen. We also have video of the fashion show.

Here's to our brothers and sisters fighting the battle for equality outside the US!

Photos: Ishara S.KODIKARA/AFP/Getty Images