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San Diego Pride Must-Hit Party: Hard Tea

By: Joe Thompson

This is The Royalty Group: Pancho Mabante, Justin David, Rob Dorman and Jeffrey Kurt Thompson. These boys turned out a killer event at The Ace Hotel during White Party weekend in Palm Springs, and a sexy High Tea at last year's San Diego Pride. Now they're returning to their roots for another amazing party at Gay Pride San Diego. This one is called Hard Tea, it’s at the Andaz San Diego (formerly The Ivy), and it’s going to be the hottest event for Pride.

Here’s why...

HardTea3 SATURDAY: JULY 17, 2010.
This multi-level event starts on the rooftop pool deck at 11:00 AM, allowing guys to chill with the tunes or dip into the pool on that sultry summer day. At 2:00 PM, when you’re tired of the parade or festival in Hillcrest, you can move downstairs into the club, and by 3:00 PM access yet another lower level.

The DJ lineup includes:

•DJ Bill Bouvier (Los Angeles) - on the pool deck from 11-3 pm; we'll have an interview with Bill later this week.

•DJ Shane Stiel (San Diego) - the upper level of the Ivy nightclub from 2-8pm; check out his latest podcast.

•DJ Derek Montiero (Los Angeles) - the lower level of the Ivy nightclub from 3-8pm

Pre-sale tickets are only $30, which is way cheaper than any other A-list party in town. The Royalty Group is known for delivering the hottest boys in town—and some of the friendliest— so you can bet that if you’re looking for eye candy to chat up, this is the place to go.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

11:00AM - 8:00PM

Andaz Hotel San Diego

600 F Street

San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 849-1234

Get more info and tickets via their Facebook page, or email [email protected].