Happy Hour: Classic Vodka Martini

By: Joe Thompson

"Effen martini, please," I ordered from the bartender at a local upscale bar.

"Wow, butch..." replied my date.

This is actually a common reaction. Guys are so fixated on their sweeter mixed beverages that on the one time they do try a regular, straight-up martini they think it's shiver-inducing and too harsh. The idea of someone drinking a martini is thus associated with sophisticated dads from a bygone era and secret agents.

But that's only because they haven't enjoyed a well made martini using premium vodka, which should come across as a bright, crisp, vibrantly chilled cocktail.

So here's the classic recipe, which is as delicious as it is sexy.

The EFFEN Martini

EFFEN Vodka3_crop

2 OZ EFFEN Vodka
1 OZ dry vermouth


1. Fill shaker with ice.

2. Add EFFEN Vodka and dry vermouth.

3. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass.

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