Happy Hour Friday: Fruity Fun

By: Joe Thompson

Some drinks just seem too gay for words and too much trouble to make— like a daiquiri, pina colada, or mai ta. Still, we love them, and the second we land somewhere like Las Vegas, Hawaii, or Puerto Vallarta we're instantly demanding one.

But why can't we enjoy these drinks during the sultry summer months by the pool? Not for shame— because no one's thinking you're not a big ol' 'mo— but because we don't know how to make them.

Fortunately, OUT's Summer Entertaining Guide features a delicious recipe for a sexed-up Mai Tai, and we've got it here (with another couple hunky photos for no reason whatsoever) just for you.

Mango Mai Tai

•1 1/4 ounces Captain Morgan Parrot Bay™ Mango
•1 1/2 ounces pineapple juice
•1/4 ounce orgeat syrup (almond syrup)
•1/4 cup grenadine
•1 slice pineapple
•1 stemmed cherry

1. Pour Captain Morgan Parrot Bay™ Mango, pineapple juice, orgeat syrup, and grenadine into a shaker.
2. Shake with ice and pour into glass.
3. Garnish the Mai Tai with a pineapple slice and cherry.

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