Heroes Vs. Villains After Party 2010 Photos

By: Joe Thompson

We talked about Comic-Con a lot last week (Thor, Green Lantern, Glee, etc.) and showed some hall costumes and then more hall costumes, but we thought we'd wrap things up with the sexiest night of the show: the Heroes Vs. Villains After Party at Rich's San Diego.

Held on Friday night, this was THE event to hit if you were gay (or gay friendly) and in San Diego. Obelisk Shoppe in San Diego got in on the act, as did Prism Comics (a nonprofit supporting LGBT comics, creators, and readers). To promote the party, these hunky studs were at the Prism booth during Comic-Con handing out flyers. (What a lovely sight to see amidst all the fanboys.)

We've got photos below...

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