P-Town Report and Photos Day 1

By: Rick Andreoli

Steve and I arrived and Provincetown is as cute and lovely as we'd been told.

We're in a house with four friends: Stephen, Pandy, Paul and Matt. Paul and Matt are a couple. Stephen and Pandy are not.

House photos to come, but let's look at the first day festivities. Here was the schedule:

•Get lunch
•Buy provisions (rum, gin, vodka, wine)
•Have a welcome cocktail with the boys
•Hit the Boatslip for T-dance
•Eat dinner
•See Paula Poundstone
•Who knows...




Always random when you travel and run into people from your hometown. Here are the boys and girls from LA.


We ran into another gay couple who had the same wedding rings as Steve and I, so we took their photos with us.


More LA guys. The stud with his arm on Steve is Rob from The Royalty Group.


On our way to dinner we ran into Varla Jean Merman, so Steve and Stephen took a picture with her. Steve said it was as exciting as if he'd met Madonna. Not Kylie, but Madonna.


Here we are with Paula Poundstone. Her show was absolutely amazing!

We then decided to not burn out on day 1 so we went home and slept. Steve and I never get to sleep in, so 10 hours later we woke up. Perfect morning.

More to come...

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