Parliament House faces forclosure

By: Frank Mills

The Parliament House, Orlando’s oldest gay entertainment club, may be forced to close its doors.

The popular hotel and nightclub, which opened in the 1960s and has been catering to a gay clientele since the ’70s, will face foreclosure if the owners, Donald Granastein and his wife, aren’t able to come up with the money to pay their $7.5 million mortgage, which matured at the end of last year.

Photo: Orlando Sentinel

Parliament House, which will be rocking this Labor Day weekend with an in-house performance by Kelis, calls itself the "world's largest gay entertainment complex" and features a dance club, a video bar, a piano bar, as well as a western-themed bar and a pool bar.

The Granasteins, who bought the Parliament House in 1999 and have been credited with remodeling the landmark establishment, say they still hold a valid liquor license and will continue operations as long as they’re able.

"Am I happy with this? That's a big no," Mr. Granastein said. "But I'm stuck with whatever happens, and we will be open 100 percent."

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