Does Houston

By: Joe Thompson

This week marks the official launch of Houston's new gay travel site, This is an amazing website that will help any LGBT visitor (or local) discover what's hot for gay and gay-friendly people in Houston.

To celebrate, Editor-in-Chief Rick Andreoli is headed to Texas to tour the city and bring back some fun stuff for the site.

Want to join in? If you're in Houston, head to Meteor this Friday night and South Beach on Saturday night where other members (and hopefully some new ones) will gather to party it up.

For more sexy pics and party details, read on...

Meteor is a swank lounge with great music, hot videos, and sexy boys dancing in their skivvies. Yes, they even have showers for when those guys need to cool off.

You can meet and mingle with the locals, or chill with friends on any of the comfortable couches.

2306 Genesee St
Houston, TX 77006

25060_1226150417041_1327447006_30530544_826731_n SATURDAY NIGHT
South Beach is ground zero for all the party boys in Montrose, the gay section of Houston. This is where you go to dance it out on their incredible dance floor, meet other men at the many bars, and then chill for a chat in the smaller video lounge. This is a Miami-style club with friendly guys and a comfortable Houston atmosphere.

810 Pacific
Houston, TX 77006

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