Houston's Gay.com Party Photos

By: Rick Andreoli

Houston boys are HOT!

This is what I learned at Meteor nightclub on Friday night at Gay.com's customer appreciation party. Actually, I'd suspected as much when I'd attended the MyGayHouston.com launch party the night before, but then I wondered if I'd just been tipsy.

Nope. When I walked into Meteor and saw all those fresh-faced, beautiful boys partying at the fun and festive club, I knew I'd found my people—only in another city. But here's the deal: Houston guys aren't just cute, they're also super nice. Seriously. I didn't find any big city attitude, instead meeting guys who were happy to chat you up and let you into their lives.

There were so many amazing men from all walks of life and I wish I could introduce you to all of them. For now, though, check out the slide show from the Gay.com party (including those naughty go-go dancers playing around in Meteor's shower) and see for youself.


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