New Year's Weekend in Las Vegas

By: Joe Thompson

Christmas is done, family is wearing on you, and all you can think about is the fun you're going to have on New Years. Well, the good news is that Las Vegas is waiting.

Sitting in Hunky Santa's lap is Eduardo Cordova, and he's bringing Sundanze on January 2nd with headliner Kelly Rowland!

Check out the super cool video, plus another great Hunky Santa Photo—because even though it's after Christmas, a Hunky Santa can always make you smile.

WHERE: Jet Nightclub at The Mirage
WHEN: January 2nd

Buy tickets here.

LAS_P_REV_12-19-10 (20)

LAS_P_REV_12-19-10 (45)
Check out more hunky Santa photos here.

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