The Do's & Don't's of Deck Dating

By: Joe Thompson

So you’re going on a gay cruise and hoping to meet some guys—for friendship, fun, and maybe even a longer romance. Good on you!

The tough part? It can feel overwhelming to be among so many guys. Maybe you're shy, a little inexperienced when it comes to cruising, or maybe it takes time for guys to get you.

No problem!

A gay cruise is your chance to let go of those inhibitions that hold you back at home. So here are some opening lines and strong approaches to help you meet the man of your dreams.

__2-Guys-Lying-on-Chaise STRONG BEGINNINGS
If you spend your life waiting for someone to speak with you then you’ll never get anywhere. Try this:

1. Make a vow to speak with one guy each time you go out. This isn't about getting laid on the lido deck, this is about becoming comfortable with talking to strangers.

2. Compliment a guy's shorts, jeans, shirt, shoes—anything that isn't too overtly sexual. (Be careful about staring at his bulge and complimenting his Speedo, yo!) You want to start a non-threatening conversation that can gradually progress to something flirty.

3. Tell yourself that you’re hot. Now take a second to believe it. Then walk over and talk to a man with confidence because that's just as sexy as a hot six pack.

4. Stop judging yourself. If you feel crappy about yourself or constantly think you're not attractive amidst that sea of succulent guys, they will sense your negative energy and stay clear of you.

We interviewed a number of highly successful studs for their opening lines. This is no joke. Here are the words that helped them cross the gangplank of love and score some action after the midnight buffet.

YOU SAY... __Caress-on-the-beach--rev
“Do you smoke…?” Whether they say yes or no, you respond, “That’s okay, I just wanted to meet you.”

“Do you box (wrestle, swim, perform on a trapeze)? Because your shoulders are huge.”

To a stud who's texting on his cell: “Room for my number in there?”

“It’s my first cruise! Can I have a little kiss?’

“Weren’t you in the cast of The Lair?!

__D3K5222-decr-contrast SHIPBOARD SCENARIOS
On the crowded dance floor, accidentally spill his drink. Party foul! Those are expensive on a cruise ship. So apologize and insist on getting him a new one. Bonus: Try to spill the cocktail on his chest and suggest he take off that wet shirt.

Innocently ask, “Do you know where the bathroom is? I get so lost on this ship." If he’s receptive, ask if he could show you the way.

At the crowded bar, order two shots. Offer the spare to a hot dude standing alone. Cheers!

At the pool, smile at a sexy, shirtless man and offer him a little sun block. This promotes healthy skin and your love life.

Have gum. Take a piece out and enjoy. Offer to a nearby yummy guy. Be sure to smooth over potential bad feelings with a “Not that you need it, I just wanted to meet you."

Got your own opening lines and words of advice? Leave them in the comments below!