The Gay Cruise Experience: Larry & Mike

By: Joe Thompson

The most meaningful info about gay cruises comes from men who have gone on the journeys themselves. We asked Larry and Mike to tell us their experience, and Mike happily sent in this report, along with some photos for a slide show.

Being obsessed with traveling, I am always planning a getaway to somewhere. I have been on three gay cruises and have become hooked on them. I have many friends who are apprehensive about taking a gay cruise, but like anything in life, one’s personal choices are what shape the experience.

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Personally, I love being around my own community, and I have found cruises to be one of the best ways for me and my boyfriend to meet new and interesting friends from around the world. There are not many ways to meet someone in such a relaxed environment, but where else could you meet someone who has a country house in France and offers you an invitation to visit? Not many, but this and similar events have happened to us.

Like any cruise, gay or straight, you have many opportunities to choose quiet evenings or those that focus on the dance parties. Even social events are planned out to make it easier to mingle with and meet people. It’s also nice to have an itinerary and ports of call planned out for you, where all you have to do is wake up and get dressed and everything else is taken care of. I like waking up each morning and being in the port of a different city in a different country.

Europe2010 284 Admittedly, I enjoy traveling to off-the-beaten-path and non-touristy locations, so I will often tack on such adventures either before or after the cruise. For example, after my next planned cruise, we've already begun planning a house rental on Ibiza for a week.

For me, at this stage in my life, a gay cruise is my favorite way to travel.  Even if the ship is on a similar itinerary to one we've taken before, each vacation will offer new people, and there are always new areas to explore at each stop.

Did you go on a gay cruise or vacation weekend? Send us your pictures, let us know what the event was, and we'll post them on!