Get a SextGet Into Andrew Christian's Briefs

By: Joe Thompson

At next Monday's Valentine's Day party we're giving away cool gift bags, but we're also giving out great stuff throughout the evening—like free briefs, bathing suits, and shirts from Andrew Christian. This includes the company's limited edition Sweetheart Brief in a heart-shaped tin (1 of 450 pictured here).

Here's how it works:

•Enter the party and take a number.
•See someone cute? Send a sexy text message (sext) to the Hotline.
•The sext will appear on monitors throughout the club for everyone at the party to see.
(Yes, we will be editing messages so don't get too dirty.)

Throughout the night we'll be sending sexts of our own, telling hotties in the house to come by and collect a free prize. Besides the Sweetheart Brief we're also offering the company's new Shock Jock, which gives you an extra two inches of V.P.L. (visible penis lines).

Go below to check out what Christian had to say about this new design.

Andrew Christian Shock Jock Was the Shock Jock molded from a real person?
ANDREW CHRISTIAN: I did not mold the shock jock cup from a real person as we need to create a male shape that is slightly exaggerated so it can show through several layers of fabric.

How did you determine the ideal shape, length, and girth?
I actually sculpted the shape myself on what I thought the ideal shape should be.  The male shape is actually slightly off centered on the cup just like you would see in real life.  I'm really happy about how realistic my creation turned out.

Any plans to do a bathing suit version to help prevent water-related shrinkage? 
I just released the Shock Jock Flirt and it's been an overwhelming success, so I do have a swimsuit in the works that will feature the same cup with male features.  Currently we have Shock Jock swimwear with the original round front cup which adds up to 2 inches onto a guys frontal measurement.

Do you wear the Shock Jock every day, or only for special events like attending The Golden Globes or visiting Janice Dickinson?
Most of the underwear I wear are new concepts that we are developing and testing; however, I have worn the Shock Jock Flirt and it does give you extra added confidence.

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