Gratuitous Shots of Sexy Men on Gay Cruises

By: Joe Thompson

We've been running a lot of posts about gay cruises over the last two months, and while we've seen comments on occasion from people complaining that we only post pictures of nude men with six-pack abs, here are some things to consider.

•We've been getting letters from readers asking for more.
•Others readers and commenters ask for the models' numbers (sadly, we can't give those out).
•The traffic to those pages has been insane! Maybe it's the cold weather, but the fact is that you guys are clicking on those posts and looking at those pictures over and over.

We could debate the dichotomy of this—gay men complaining about the gay male body image stereotype, while supporting that image by adoring it—but that's more of a conversation for our Plugged In section. Perhaps soon.

(Have you read this week's bareback story? Crazy arguments going on there.)

In the meantime, with weather being dreary all over, we thought we'd pull together a collection of the hottest images we used for this section, all in one place. You can run your mouse over the slide show to pause, repeat or skip any photo you want to admire or ignore.

You're welcome.