See What's In Our Sack's Valentine's Day Party

By: Joe Thompson

February 14—next Monday— is's Valentine's Day party at The Abbey in West Hollywood. Last week we gave you the event details and mentioned our gift bags, so today we thought we'd give you a sneak peek at what's inside.

Curious about the goodies you can get if you hit this heart-filled fiesta?

Check it out!


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IMG_0547The party bag is loaded with everything you need if you meet that magical mister... or if you end up home alone. We're thoughtful like that.

Here's a list of just a few items:

•Sensis condoms (to protect...)
•Gun Oil lube (...and serve)
•Fiji Water (to hydrate)
•Fleet enemas (to clean)
•Discount coupon to Andrew Christian (to buy yourself something sexy for date #1)
•Discount coupon on your next Teleflora purchase (for when date #1 goes really well)
•DVDs like Spartacus (for date #2 at his place)
Guitar Hero Van Halen game (in case he only owns a Wii)
•Coupons for hotel stays, spa treatments and more (for long-term love)

Remember the party is only a week away, there NO COVER, and it's being held at LA's #1 gay bar—The Abbey.

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Get all the party info here.