Visits Houston, Texas

By: Joe Thompson

A few months ago hit up Houston, Texas for a fun week of sightseeing. We got to tour the museums, enjoy a ton of great food, and hang out with a host of hotties at some of the hippest, most fun gay bars we've been to in ages.

And trust us, we've been to LOTS of gay bars.

What really impressed us was how Houston broke all stereotypes. We went in assuming it would be really country and conservative—and sure, you can find that anywhere. But if you know where to look, you'll find a city that is incredibly cosmopolitan, with people who are super friendly. It was a nice surprise, and made us realize that Houston is one of those hidden gems that travelers really need to know about.

Two of the guys responsible for that tour around town were Michael and Ted. This was great because there's nothing better than seeing a city through local eyes. So rather than just write up about our journey, we plunked the guys down in our hotel room (easy, now...) and asked them to talk about the places every gay traveler should hit while in their city.

So sit back and join us for our short tour of Houston, which highlights the people, places and things to do in this marvelous city.

Check out photos from the party in Houston.

Watch our interview with Houston chef (and Top Chef Master) Monica Pope and Josette Edwards.

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