True Dating Confessions: Double Trouble Date


Have you ever been confronted by multiple people you were dating at once?

There was a guy named Ben who I was really into. We had mutual friends and I always thought he was fun and super cute. We even held out before having sex because I really wanted it to be special. When we finally did do it, he thanked me for waiting and said I wasn't like other guys he'd dated.

Well, the thing is, I did have a trick on the side—a friend with benefits—and we'd been playing around regularly. But once things with Ben started getting serious I thought it was time to break it off. So I met my FWB out for coffee to let him know. We'd had such a good thing going I didn't want to do it over texting. He was totally cool and understood, and as we were parting he gave me this tight hug and one last kiss.

Wouldn't you know it, but Ben was coming in to get coffee just when it happened. He was so hurt he walked out.

Fortunately, my FWB ran after Ben. Seriously! He told Ben he'd been into me but it wasn't working out, and that I was breaking things off because I'd met Ben. He then apologized to Ben for being so forward and kissing me.

Ben calmed down and after a little bit things got better between us. In fact, we've now been dating for two years, and I haven't seen my FWB since.

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