True Dating Confessions: Mom Found a Boy in My Bed


What was your coming-out affair like?

It happened because of a boy named Michael. We were both freshmen in college and we met backstage, both about to perform our one act plays for the combined drama classes. He was gorgeous with soft brown eyes and a classically handsome face and large full lips. Oh, those lips. I remember just staring at them and imagining them kissing me over the edge of reason.

Then it was time to go on, and I did, and the performance wasn't great. Michael's was amazing—the best of the bunch—and I told him so afterward. But he kept talking about me and my play and how smart it was. It was the first time I'd ever had someone so cute compliment me, and later that night we ended up making out in my car.

Things were super hot, and I didn't want to let the night end. Neither did he. We both lived at home but my parents worked in the morning so I figured we could sneak in and they'd never know. So we went to my place, I brought him into my bedroom, and we had (quiet) romantic sex all night. It was my first time having a guy I liked sleep in my bed.

The next morning Michael left, and that afternoon my mom came home from work. The first thing she did was ask who the boy in my bed had been. I started to panic. We'd never talked about me being gay. I thought about lying, but the night had been so nice that I just told her. I said, "His name's Michael, I met him at school, and I like him a lot."

“Don’t tell your father,” she said, and left the room.

Michael didn't last longer than a month. He was sweet and we became friends, but that was it. Dad eventually found out I was gay, but I never did ask Mom how she'd found out about Michael. In my family, details aren't always important, especially if they involve what I do in bed.

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