True Dating Confessions: Lies His Profile Told Me


What's your oddest online dating story?

When I first got online, I did not know men would lie about their ages to get laid or to even get a date. Okay, so I was naive back then, but weren't we all when we first started out?

So this guy IMed me and I checked out his profile. Under birthday it said '85 so I figured he was just a few years older than me.  

Yeah, you know where this is going already but I will continue anyway! 

His profile had this hot picture and I thought I'd recognized him from around town, so we continued to chat and he asked me out to coffee (he'd first suggested drinks but I was 20 so I couldn't go to a bar). I said yes because I was new to dating and I was really excited. He told me that I would recognize him by his Bermuda shorts.  Well, needless to say when I showed up there and saw a guy who was at least 40 in Bermuda shorts, I started to look for someone else. That's when he called me over. Because of course I'd used my real photo so he recognized me.

I was so pissed, but he tried to explain himself. He said his boyfriend of 15 years had just dumped him and he was scared to date again. He said I was so cute and sweet, and he didn't know how to get out of his lie. And I was so desperate to hear compliments I actually stayed for about 10 minutes to hear him out. But then when he suggested we hang out I thought back on what he did, I walked out. I like older guys, but not someone who lies.

Oh, and you know why he looked familiar? I showed his picture to my friend and he said it was a porn star's picture. I can't believe I fell for that!

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