True Dating Confessions: Strangers From a Train



What was your craziest hook up?

I used to see this hot guy for years on the commuter train but I didn't know he was gay. Then on a lonely Friday night, when all my friends had flaked out on me, I went to the video store to get a porn. He was in the section looking at the gay ones. He immediately recognized me, I nodded, and he quickly left the room.

Whatever, I thought. But then when I went outside and started heading back to my apartment, he was sitting in a car. He gave me the eye, so I lingered a bit.

"Need a ride?" he asked. It was all I could to not laugh, but since he was so hot I just nodded and got in. We ended up driving around a bit, he gave me a fake name (I assume), and we eventually parked in an old grocery store parking lot so we could see if someone was nearby.

Things got super intense, with us actually stripping in the back seat and going at it. Lasted maybe an hour, and it was so good that I totally wanted to either go on a date later or at least become his regular trick. Instead, he dropped me off back in front of the video store. 

Oddest part of the story? I never saw him on that train again.

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