MUST SEE: Images Against Homophobia Exhibit

By: Rick Andreoli

Last year was privileged to post images from Walk With Pride, a project from photographer Charles Meacham and blogger/coordinator Sarah Baxter, which shows the struggles and celebrations of the global gay community through photographing Pride events. Now Meacham is partnering with the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia Organization(IDAHO) to exhibit his ‘Images Against Homophobia’ gallery. It's happening on May 17 in twenty cities worldwide in recognition of IDAHO Day.

The global exhibition includes a gallery at the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, France. European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek conducted the opening ceremonies on May 10. The Polish centre-right President addressed members of the European Parliament, staff and visitors, saying that homophobia was “deplorable, because it aims to denigrate people and deprive them of their rights on the basis of their sexual orientation.”

The images making up the Walk With Pride photo collection were taken from Oct. 2009 to Oct. 2010, and showcase 15 different global prides, including Lithuania’s first Pride, Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, the banned pride marches in Minsk and Moscow, Jerusalem Pride, and Turkey’s first Trans Pride.

Below is a video interview with Meacham that was created for the exhibition, as well as links to see the images and more info on the event.


Potsdam, Germany – State Parliament of Brandenburg (April 13 – May 16)

Liège, Belgium – Maison Arc-en-Ciel (May 6 – June 17)

Strasbourg, France – European Parliament Building (May 9 – May 11)

Zagreb, Croatia – Zagreb Student Centre Club (May 16 – May 25)

Sofia, Bulgaria – Exhibition in front of the National Theater (May 16 – May 25)

Manila, Philippines – BED Manila (May 17 – May 22)

Strasbourg, France – La Lune hosted event (May 17)

Sydney, Australia – Included in ‘Fragility exhibition’ at Pine Street Gallery (May 17 – May 28)

Bucharest, Romania – La Blanca – terrace (May 17)

Berlin, Germany – Berlin East Railway Station (June 16 – June 29)

Strasbourg, France – Council of Europe Exhibition at Palais de l’Europe (June 23)

Brussels, Belgium – Parliament of the French Community of Belgium (May)

Sebastopol, California - Guayaki  Community Room (May 16-June 9)

San Francisco, California - SF Magnet (May 1- May 31)

Taichung, Taiwan – 彩虹天堂  (May 7 – May 19)

Kaohsiung, Taiwan – 南人窩 (May 7 – May 31) 

Yilan, Taiwan - 聚拉屋 (May 16 – May 31)

Taipei, Taiwan – Hour’s Cafe  (May 10 – May 26)

Taipei, Taiwan – *New* North River Gallery  (5/14 – 5/20)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Circulating exhibit among NGOs (May 9 – May 11 in PP, followed by exhibits in Siem Reap, Battambang, Kompong Som, Ratanakiri)

Skopje, Macedonia – The coalition of ‘Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities’ is organizing a ‘Most homophobic awards’ in Skopje, with  supporters holding printed WWP images at the event (May 17)

Minsk, Belarus – Sponsored by IDAHO Belarus, but due to security concerns, the location of the exhibition will not be published.  For information on the location of the exhibition, please contact [email protected] (May 15 – May 16)


Visit Walk With Pride.

View a slide show of images from the exhibition.

View the Images Against Homophobia event info on Facebook.