Watch: New Orleans Gay Easter Parade

By: Rick Andreoli

Words by Fabrice Tasendo

I’m told there’s a parade for everything in New Orleans, and although I only saw two, it is my strong belief that no parade can be as entertaining as a Gay Parade. Okay, maybe I am biased, but you tell me:

Exhibit A: (Straight) Easter Parade

Exhibit B: (Gay) Easter Parade description

Let me start by offering how fun it was waiting for the parade to begin. Here we were, a group of 10 gay gentleman, having cocktail with the crème of New Orleans High Society. "Ladies Who Lunch," dress up, and enjoy parades.


4 While there, I had the great pleasure of chatting with Lady Elizabeth Bouvier and her attractive entourage. I'd met Ms. Bouvier the previous Friday when she spent $1,500 in a bidding war to have dinner with a very attractive young man. He's pictured below in bunny ears with Harrah’s manager, Nick. All the proceeds went to the Food for Friends charity, which benefits the NO/AIDS Task Force, so it was money well invested!

As a guest of Harrah’s we all got to ride in the Parade and do the very important job of spreading good cheers and sexy beads. I took my task to heart and made sure everyone who made eye contact got a bead necklace.

This was an experience I encourage everyone to try. The New Orleans community is very warm and welcoming, so getting a spot on a float may be a lot easier than one would think. Not up to the task? Then you must watch a parade and collect as many beads as you can. Just make sure you get eye contact, blow a kiss, or find any other creative way to get attention. (You know what I mean by that.)

And like they say in New Orleans, "Laissez les bons temps rouler."

Oh, and lest we forget, Exhibit C: The Gay Easter Parade Video

Video is courtesy of friend Nick Vivion from

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