LA Gay Pride 2011 Photos

By: Joe Thompson

This colorful cast of lovely ladies are Chico's Angels, a Latin crime-fighting team who are keeping the cities of America safe with their unique skills. In the top left picture you'll find Chita Parol, Kay Sedia, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and Frieda Laye. And as you can see from the other three pictures, the Angels got around this weekend, taking shots with shirtless dudes, Charo, porn stars, and tons of other fun folks.

The trio was kind enough to send some of their fantastic images so that all of you could share in the fun that was Los Angeles Gay Pride weekend. So check out the slide show below.

Want to see Chico's Angels in person? They're performing in LA in July and will be doing the Pride circuit all summer long. They've also got a fantastic web series at Check it!

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