Spartacus iPhone App, The Gratification of Gay Travel

By: Christopher Donaldson

Even if you’re not a seasoned traveler, the Spartacus App—available on the iPhone—will have you spinning across 2,580 cities, 143 countries and 24,000 entries that offer explicitly gay and gay-friendly listings on bars, hotels, cafes, clubs and cruising areas in real time, plus detailed features about the political situation of homosexuals by country or city.

And it’s uniformly precise and easy-to-use (the unique feedback function provides direct contact with Spartacus editors and Facebook), which makes it difficult to take your fingers and eyes off no matter where you go. There’s even a “mood search” that instantly tests your assumptions about what an App can do: Will it read your mind? Not exactly, but it will satisfy your every need for drink, food, sleep, sex, dancing, and shopping. Even better, you can access most of its functions offline without racking up costly roaming charges.

But if you prefer a more traditional incarnation, the fantastically detailed Spartacus International Gay Guide—long one of the world’s leading guidebooks for gay travelers since 1970—still prints annually.

The Spartacus app is available in German or English and is automatically updated every month for an entire year. For more information, visit

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