Happy Hour: Cinco de Mayo

By: Gay.com

Hola, amigos! Feliz dia de las Cinco de Mayo.
(Yeah, a gringo wrote that. Sorry.)

Anyway, as gay guys we love drinking on Cinco de Mayo, but one frozen margarita contains approximately 27 carbs and 246 calories thanks to the sugary mix. That's practically a burger—and you know you're going to have at least 2 (but more likely 10), and as gay guy, we can't accept downing that many wasted calories.

So here's a low-carb margarita recipe that's super tasty and easy to make. De nada, reader!

• 2 shots tequila
• 1 shot triple sec
• 1 shot Grand Marnier or similar orange-flavored liqueur
• 1 shot fresh lime juice (fresh makes a huge difference)
• 4-5 ounces sugar-free lemonade like Crystal Light
• Salt-rimmed glass (optional)
• Lime wedge

1. Pour all ingredients over ice in a shaker (or blender).
2. Shake for 30 seconds (or blend until it reaches desired smoothness)
3. Pour into a glass with salt (or not) and a lime.

FACTS: 9.81g carbs, 155 calories

NOTE: Normally we show you a picture of the finished cocktail, but we're pretty sure you know what a basic margarita looks like. Besides, this guy es muy caliente y guapo!