MTV Reality Star Strips for Playgirl

By: Jackson Lourd

Joey Kovar, who appeared on the Hollywood edition of MTV's long-running reality series The Real World, has taken it all off for Playgirl and claims he's hotter than the guys on Jersey Shore.

Playgirl editor Nicole Caldwell attempts to sum up his appeal by sharing that Heidi Fleiss said Kovar should be on the cover of every teen magazine. "His show, The Real World, boasts 81 million viewers to the 64 million watching Jersey Shore," Caldwell says. "His online profile from that show has been eyed more than 68 million times on MTV’s website. So it stands to reason that Joey Kovar… is a hot commodity."

Kovar is also taking jabs at his Jersey Shore rivals by claiming to be the swarthiest Italiano. “I’m more muscular than them, I’m tanner than them," he says. "The Jersey Shore‘ guys have nothing on me.”

Kovar was allegedly paid $20,000 to bare all. The issue of Playgirl with Kovar's pictures will be available September 13, but we have a couple teaser images for you right here.

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